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Masala Products


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Badshah Turmeric Powder
This medicinal ground spice gives food the right colour and aroma. Badshah gets you the best of t..
Eastern Chilly Powder 1 kg.
Eastern Chilly Powder is with flavour lock processing.Chillies contain high amount of vitamin C a..
Eastern Coriander Powder 1kg
Eastern Coriander Powder is with flavour lock processing.Highquality coriander seed finely ground..
Eastern Rasam Powder 200gm
Eastern Rasam Powder bring the essance of rasam with assorted spices and condiments conviniently ..
Eastern Sambar Powder  500 gm
  Eastern Sambar Powder  processes and manufactures spices and blended spice powder..
Eastern Turmeric powder 500gm
  Eastern Turmeric Powder is with flavour lock processing.Finely ground dried rhizomes h..
Everest Chhole Masala
The Everest Chhole Masala is an  exquisite blend of 24 pure spices, this is perhaps the most..
Pav Bhaji Masala
  Pav bhaji masala is the blend that took Mumbai by storm. 'Pav' means a bun shaped home..
Sakthi Chilly Powder 100gm
Sakthi Chilli Powder is made of a mix of various ingredients consisting of: dried ground chilli p..
Sakthi Coriander Powder 100gm
Sakthi Coriander powder is obtained from the Coriander seed of the coriander plant.Most commonly,..
Sakthi Idly Powder 100gm
Sakthi Masala Idly Chutney Powder with Gingelly oil or Ghee and it can be used along with Idly, D..
Sakthi Rasam  Powder 100gm
Sakthi Rasam Powder which helps for food digestion. Hygienically processed using finest ingredien..
Sakthi Sambar Powder 100 gm
  Sakthi Sambar Powder has got international recognition as it explosion got in to this ..
Sakthi Turmeric Powder 100gm
Sakthi Turmeric powder, a bright yellow spice powder is made from dry Turmeric Rhizomes. Turmeric..