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Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

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Artistry Polishing Scrub- PROMO
Skin feels soft & perfectly polished with this effective exfoliator. The light foaming scrub ..
Artistry Replenishing Eye Creme
  This light & silky crème dramatically reduce the appearance of puffiness in 24 hou..
Assure Active Deo
Assure Active for men is an invigorating, refreshing fragrance and a unique anti- bacterial formu..
Assure Complexion Bar
Assure Complexion Bar is a glycerin based bathing bar, enriched with Kesar, Honey and Olives. It ..
Assure Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Assure Deep Cleansing Shampoo, enriched with sebaryl, makes the scalp healthy, thus preventing th..
Assure Enchant
Assure Enchant Body Talc has the refreshing fragrance of exotic flowers. It keeps body odour away..
Assure Force Fresh
Assure Force Fresh Body Talc has a rejuvenating musky fragrance that refreshes your mind and ener..
Assure Hair Oil
Assure Hair Oil is enriched with a unique blend of Arnica and Tea Tree oil. It provides nourishme..
Assure Hand Wash
Assure Hand Wash with Lemon and Mint Extracts comes with a special purifying formula that gently ..
Assure Moisturising Soap
ASSURE Nourishing and Moisturising Soap is made with a unique blend of Neem, Tulsi and Pudina.It..
Assure Natural Active
Assure Natural Active, a replenishing night cream with wrinkle-fighting formula of pro-retinol an..
Assure Natural Care
Assure Natural Care is a gentle moisturizing lotion that nourishes the skin from within. A light ..
Assure Natural Clear
Assure Natural Clear has a refreshing cleansing + toning formula that wipes away dirt, excess oil..
Assure Natural Glow
  Assure Natural Glow, an oil-free, skin-clearing mask for the prevention and treatment ..
Assure Natural Pure
Assure Natural Pure, gentle enough for everyday use, is a unique face-wash that helps clear up sk..